The private medical center Deva Clinique specializes in complex body treatment. The Deva team are medical scientists, professors, and doctors of the highest category from various fields:

  • plastic,
  • vascular and general surgery;
  • therapy,
  • cardiology,
  • endocrinology;
  • gynecology;
  • neurology;
  • biology;
  • genetics;
  • anesthesiology, and others.

The clinic has a laboratory and all the necessary equipment for the examination. In one place and in a short time you will check the whole body. The treatment plan is drawn up according to international protocols of the European and American standards, so patients can easily continue further treatment in any country of the world. German, Israeli, Korean, and American drugs are bought either immediately in Ukraine, or at a pharmacy after returning home.

The clinic’s operating rooms are sterile, equipped with the most advanced devices, anesthesia, and ventilation devices of the global brands: Primus (Germany), Stryker (USA), MedPride (USA), and others. The equipment minimizes the risks of complications and the timing of rehabilitation after surgery. 

Deva Clinique has a unique feature, its cryobank of stem cells. The clinic is licensed to use innovative and experimental protocols for the regeneration of body tissues using stem cells. The recovery and rejuvenation protocol is developed individually for the patient’s situation. Such treatment is chosen by patients with chronic diseases or healthy people who want to maintain youth and health. 

Politicians and celebrities are the regular clients of Deva. They value the personal privacy and comfort of treatment in the clinic. Deva offers comfortable luxury wards as well as a separate check-in and courtyard to preserve the anonymity of patients. 

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Deva clinique provides access to stem cell therapy for patients suffering from degenerative and autoimmune disorders or for rejuvenation and revitalization of the body. A treatment plan for each case is created individually. To find out your plan and cost of treatment, leave your contact details, diagnosis and description of symptoms.

Below we have described several basic treatment programs.

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There are several types of stem cells, and they can be combined for treatment of such diseases as atherosclerosis and vascular disease, diabetes, kidney or liver chronic disease, multiple sclerosis, and neurological deficiency.

Deva clinique works for more than 5 years. During this time, they showed 70% of the result and 0 side effects or worsening.

For whom: 

For a person with chronic diseases like diabetes, hepatitis, nephritis, COPD, osteoarthritis, neuritis, autism, hernia, the consequences of a stroke or heart attack, and others.

What it offers:

  • everyday consultations
  • Initial medical check-up
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Autolymfocite therapy
  • Nursing care
  • Exclusive skin revitalization
  • 3 days and 2 nights of accommodation, meals and transfers

Expected result:

70% of patients noted a significant improvement in well-being, a decrease in symptoms up to their absence, an increase in working capacity and quality of life. Repeated examination half a year after the course of treatment shows a significant improvement in laboratory parameters and MRI and CT results of the patient.


A two-day anti-aging therapy based on an exclusive extract of the placenta and laser skin health restoration. Revitalization is the stimulation of the natural metabolism of the skin.

For whom: 

For men and women from 25 years who care about their appearance and well-being

What it offers:

  • Exclusive treatment with placenta extract
  • Long-acting mesotherapy
  • Biorevitalization and facelift with hyaluronic acid
  • Laser resurfacing DOT Therapy CO2
  • Radio-frequency non-surgical facelift
  • Aesthetic face and neck correction
  • Physical examination: laboratory tests, ECG
  • Genetic analysis of signs of body weight and energy metabolism
  • Daily monitoring and patient care

Expected result:

Mimic and age wrinkles became invisible. The skin looks fresh, smooth, supple. You feel energized, relaxed, and you really feel younger.


The program for the treatment of hair loss and facial hair restoration. Hair loss in women can be more complex than in men. But we apply all existing methods of hair regrowth. Of course, you can undergo a surgical hair replacement (graft perforation or FUE method). But these days this is not the only solution.

For whom: 

For people of any age who suffer from insufficient vegetation of hair on the head or face

What it offers:

  • Daily consultation
  • Mesotherapy
  • Exclusive therapy with placenta extract
  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy
  • FUE if necessary
  • Full health check
  • Medical care

Expected result:

Significant increase in hair volume

Hormone balance is extremely important for body functioning and for well-being in general. When any hormone is secreted in too small or excessive amounts it leads to endocrine system imbalance  which affects body functioning.

One of the most widespread endocrine diseases is diabetes.

There are two diabetes types:

  • Type 1 diabetes results from loss of pancreas cells responsible for insulin secretion which causes insufficient insulin production.
  • In case of type 2 diabetes insulin is produced but the body develops resistance to it.

Treatment of diabetes using stem cells

Stem cells have a unique ability to transform into any other type of cells. That is why stem cell therapy is highly effective in treatment of type 1 diabetes: stem cells transform into pancreas cells responsible for insulin secretion and restore the damaged tissues.
The pancreas function normalizes and a patient’s condition improves greatly. Besides, stem cell therapy reinforces immunity and restores the cardiovascular system. It is of major importance for people who have diabetes as this disease is often complicated by serious impairment of blood flow especially in small blood vessels of the limbs.

Benefits of diabetes stem cell therapy

  • Stem cell therapy does not just grant relief; it resolves the problem itself.
  • Stem cells are extracted from a patient’s own tissues so there is no risk of rejection.
  • Stem cell therapy allows reducing the amount of injected insulin and enhances the life quality.

Stages of diabetes treatment using stem cells

Stem cell therapy includes three stages:

  1. Preparation of stem cells.
  2. Injection of stem cells to blood flow.
  3. Stem cells “locate” the damaged tissues and transform themselves into healthy cells.

Treatment of vascular diseases using stem cells

Alas, vascular diseases (microangiopathy) are far from being uncommon today. Usually these diseases are caused by a patient’s genetic predisposition, injuries, bad habits, severe and continuous stress, fatigue, age-related changes. Moreover, microangiopathy can become a result of complications associated with various diseases from diabetes to infections.

Cell therapy of stroke aftermath

Stem cells are unique. When they get into one’s body they can transform into other cells and replace the damaged tissues. So the doctors of Deva Clinique medical center can help with the treatment of vascular diseases and stroke aftermath. Stem cells restore the damaged blood vessels and support the formation of new network of capillaries. Due to these cells the elasticity of vascular walls, lumen and permeability of blood vessels enhance.

Stem cell therapy has a positive impact not only on the cerebral circulation but also on neurons. Stem cells improve their ability to convey impulses. It allows restoring the lost brain functions.

Benefits of stem cell therapy in treatment of vascular diseases

Stem cell therapy performed at Deva Clinique enables patients to get back to the active life more quickly. Stem cells restrict the damaged area or eliminate it entirely. Stem cells not just restore blood vessels, they also strengthen the body and remove pathologies causing vascular diseases.

Stages of microangiopathy treatment using stem cells:

This procedure includes several stages performed at a day patient department. While staying there a patient is supervised for about three hours. Depending on the disease severity a doctor can advise to repeat the procedure every 3 months.

Stages of stem cell treatment of microangiopathy:

1.​ Preparation and growing of stem cells.

2.  Injection of stem cells to blood flow.

3.  Stem cells “locate” the damaged tissues and transform themselves into healthy cells.

Medication therapy is combined with physiotherapy to achieve positive effect and speed up the recovery process.

The experience of Deva Clinique specialists proves that stem cell therapy enhances the condition and life quality of the patients who have vascular diseases.

Nonspecific ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease  are inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. They are characterized by occurrence of mucosal ulcers, severe pain and discomfort, considerable deterioration in quality of life.

For a long time patients having nonspecific ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease had to suffer from their illness. But modern treatment methods allow significant improvement of patients’ condition.

Treatment of Crohn’s disease using stem cells

Stem cells are unique. On the one hand, they can transform into any other cells facilitating tissue regeneration. On the other hand, they have major impact on the immune system and reduce further development of pathologies.

Due to the double effect stem cell therapy is effective in treatment of many diseases. After stem cells injection into blood flow they get to an area affected by disease facilitating its recovery and preventing further growth of pathologic areas.

Benefits of stem cell therapy in treatment of Crohn’s disease

The basic benefit of the therapy technique used at Deva Clinique for treatment of nonspecific ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease is minimal risk to experience complications and side effects resulting from the use of a patient’s own stem cells.

The duration of stem cell therapy course is 3 to 12 months. During this period it is necessary to undergo several procedures.

This treatment course allows achieving significant clinical improvement and sustained disease remission which enhances quality of life.

Stages of Crohn’s disease and nonspecific ulcerative colitis treatment using stem cells:

This procedure includes several stages performed at a day patient department. While staying there a patient is supervised for about three hours. Depending on the disease severity a doctor can advise to repeat the procedure every 3 months.

Stages of stem cells therapy:

  1. Preparation of stem cells.
  2. Injection of stem cells to blood flow.
  3. Stem cells “locate” the damaged tissues and transform themselves into healthy cells.
Result of Crohn’s disease treatment using stem cells
  • Healing of ulcers;
  • Regeneration of mucous membranes;
  • Gradual dissolution of scars and fistulas;
  • Improved well-being.

Don’t suffer from pain caused by nonspecific ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Please contact Deva Clinique health center and appoint a course of stem cell therapy.

Hepatitis is a liver disease causing gradual destruction of liver cells (hepatocytes). The liver stops functioning properly leading to an extremely dangerous condition which can result in death.

Earlier hepatitis was considered incurable. However, today you can not only support liver functioning by using medicines but also apply treatment methods to restore liver function to normal.

Treatment of hepatitis using stem cells

Stem cells are unique. They can transform into the cells required for treatment of particular disease. After getting into the liver stem cells locate the damaged hepatocytes, transform themselves into them and replace the damaged cells.

The doctors of Deva Clinique health center use either patient’s own stem cells extracted from the bone marrow, blood or fat tissue or donor cells (depending on indications).

Benefits of stem cell therapy in treatment of hepatitis

  • Stem cells help boost the immune system and prevent reinfection;
  • Stem cell therapy improves liver performance;
  • Pain decreases considerably or subsides completely;
  • Stem cell therapy restores liver blood supply and functioning in case of hepatitis.

Stages of hepatitis treatment using stem cells

This procedure includes several stages performed at a day patient department. While staying there a patient is supervised for about three hours. Depending on the disease severity a doctor can advise to repeat the procedure every 3 months.

  1. Preparation of stem cells.
  2. Injection of stem cells to blood flow.
  3. Stem cells “locate” the damaged tissues and transform themselves into healthy cells.

So, stem cell therapy facilitates damaged cells restoration, prevents reinfection and promotes natural cell regeneration.

Neurodegenerative diseases is a large group of the human nervous system diseases caused by death of particular neurons. It can result from external or internal factors such as infections, intoxication, physical injuries, metabolic disorders, etc. The cases of genetic predisposition to these diseases were also observed. Neurons of definite types die irreversibly while other segments of nervous tissue remain undamaged.

Most often these diseases affect seniors. The most widespread neurodegenerative diseases are Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebellar abiotrophy, spinal amyotrophy, etc.

How can stem cells help in curing neurodegenerative diseases:

Many neurodegenerative diseases cannot be fully cured but stem cell therapy performed by the doctors at Deva Clinique health center demonstrated that it is possible to impede the neurodegenerative processes in the brain tissue if a pathology has not become irreversible. Stem cells can’t handle with developed neurodegenerative processes.

So, Parkinson’s disease has an 85% chance to be cured. Still, healthcare keeps developing and researches are continuously conducted to improve the therapy process to achieve 100% result.

Benefits of stem cell therapy:

The main benefit of stem cell therapy at Deva Clinique is the absence of the risk of complications or other side effects. This is because the body uses its own reserves. In case of success new neurons are formed, damaged tissues are restored, new neuron connections are established. Thus, a patient regains previously lost functions and capabilities.

Stages of neurodegenerative diseases treatment using stem cells:

Stem cell therapy always includes three stages: search for stem cells, stem cell multiplication and implantation.

On the first stage doctors determine which biological material would be better to use – patient’s own or donor. Many patients with neurodegenerative diseases are elderly people having not enough stem cells in their bodies. In case the required amount of stem cells is located they are extracted and the second stage is started. During this stage the cells are multiplied up to the required quantity. On the final stage of stem cell therapy the prepared cells are implanted into a patient’s body. The cells start searching for the damaged tissues and “repair” them.


Medical services:

  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Endoscopic, bariatric and vascular surgery
  • Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology
  • General medicine: cardiology, neurology, ENT diseases and autoimmune disorders, endocrinology
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Psychology
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cellular biology laboratory: tissue engineering, PCR, Immunology
  • Umbilical cord tissue and cord blood banking

The clinic is equipped with an internal reception and a separate entrance to ensure the anonymity of patients. It is guarded around the clock.

The coordinating doctor stays in touch with the patient 24/7 by phone and instant messengers. An interpreter accompanies the patient during their stay in the clinic. We keep in touch even after the patient returns home to receive feedback and continue treatment remotely.

Hospital wards are spacious and comfortable, they resemble rooms in a prestigious hotel. The clinic has a restaurant with a special diet menu. For the period of stay in the country, the patient and accompanying person are provided with a room in the central metropolitan hotel. All transfers to the clinic, to the hotel and to the airport are organized by the clinic at its own expense.

You do not need to search for information, compare prices, book tickets and accommodation, coordinate travel dates with a doctor, hire an interpreter … We take care of all the arrangements for your trip.