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UCTC has more than 15 years of experience in stem cell therapy and are the leaders of the industry. Most of the methodic used in the clinic is unique and patent protected in many countries including USA. Since 1994 prof. Alexander Smikodub Sr. was the main researcher, doctor and administrator of the clinic. Now his son, Alexander Smikodub Jr. M.D. continues his father’s venture. During these years more than 6500 patients from all over the world received fetal stem cell treatment, resulting in significant improvement of their conditions, and in case of timely contact with us, we were managed to achieve treatment results unreachable by any other known methods.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the new word in medical science, possibly the new revolution. Their importance can be compared with antibiotics discovery or the first successful heart transplantation. They are the inner restorative and regenerative reserve of your body, found in blood, fat layer and bone marrow. After injection of a big stem cells doze, impaired tissues are recovered, regeneration speed is increased and overall condition is greatly improved. We use only material from healthy patients, which passes multiple security checks. They are perfect material for treating a wide variety of neural and physical diseases.


UCTC provides access to stem cell therapy for patients suffering from degenerative and autoimmune disorders or for rejuvenation and revitalization of the body. A treatment plan for each case is created individually. To find out your plan and cost of treatment, leave your contact details, diagnosis and description of symptoms.

Jacob D.

Patient L., born on 2007, was admitted to the clinic on March 5, 2012 with diagnosis “Smith-Magenis Syndrome”

The boy has developmental delay since the childhood. He has a lot of different physical abnormalities. The boy’s parents appealed to the clinic for treatment. So this patient underwent full 2-days treatment with use of preparation based on stem cells by the method of Prof. Smikodub. Follows the recommendations of post-treatment period. Under regular control of his neurologist and parents.

As a result, now almost every day occur some changes in boy’s development and behavior, he finds more things interesting, he became more independent, more emotional, he talks a lot in his own language.

Jacob D.

Letter of mother of patient Ilusha

After the stem cell treatment, we noticed an obvious progress. Two weeks after the procedure behavior and emotional condition has improved. It was noticed in kindergarten and by speech pathologist, who has been with him for a year. Then everything has stabilized. But 2 months later, in March, Ilya began to surprise us. He suddenly began to draw and sculpt with play dough, and he always goes everywhere with a pencil or pen. He also has began to write letters.

We always notice changes in our son’s condition after each course of rehabilitation, but this time, it’s just miracles!

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Unique Cell Treatment Clinic has developed a comprehensive program with fetal stem cell application for anti-aging treatment. You can undergo the anti-aging therapy at any age and receive the positive result.

With age, potential for regeneration in the human body declines; it is a clear cause of many diseases and pathological conditions. Strenuous work schedule, environmental factors, ecological situation in the world only enhance this process and inhibit complete restoration of the body resources in a period of rest.

Most anti-aging preparations and anti-aging programs are aimed to stimulate reparative systems of the human body that already function at the limit. Achieving rapid but short-term success, stimulation of the body resources thus only complicates this problem in the future and, in our opinion, does even more harm to health. You cannot always stimulate your body with tonics, natural hormones, stimulators of metabolic processes for anti-aging effect and at the same time to expose yourself to enormous mental load at work and physical load afterwards.

Treatment with fetal stem cells is aimed at eliminating of the causes of the disease and has several directions:

1. Restoration of damaged neurons and their processes with the restoration of their normal functioning (by cells of ectodermal origin).

2. Correction of immunity, the so-called micro-immunotherapy (cells of mesodermal origin). Fetal stem cells are the only source of stem cells of neuroectoderm of natural origin – neuronal precursors; therefore their use in treatment of neurological diseases is the most effective comparing with other types of stem cells.

The effectiveness of treatment depends on the initial state of the patient. Treatment should be started as soon as possible after the diagnosis was made, and it should be necessarily accompanied by correctional therapy and work with psychologists. Not less important is the correction of immunity and metabolic disorders.

Autism and autistic spectrum disorders are among the most complicated neurological diseases followed by psychological disorders, and therefore they require long-term treatment and recovery. Taking into account the fact that we have found the way out of this difficult situation using fetal stem cells and achieved good results such diseases as cerebral palsy, delayed psycho-motor and speech development, organic brain damage (consequences of infections, injuries, including birth traumas, strokes) also can be treated successfully.

Coronary heart disease treatment in UCTC

At Unique Cell Treatment Clinic treatment of patients, who had myocardial infarction or angina pectoris, is carried out by fetal stem cells of ectodermal and mesenchymal origin. Before the treatment optimal therapy is chosen, in complex with administration of fetal stem cells it gives the most long-lasting and steady effect, significantly improving the quality of life of the patient. Our specialists constantly monitor patient’s condition after the treatment, and correct the dose of medications.

After the treatment by administration of preparation containing fetal stem cells, in 2-3 months, a marked improvement in the clinical course of coronary heart disease is noted. It is manifested in reduction of angina pectoris attacks almost in 2 times compary to baseline and significant dose decline of antianginal medications. All patients notice expansion of home and physical activity, improvement of general state. On examination such changes are observed: improvement of general condition, increase of tolerance to physical exertion, reduction of signs of heart failure – shortness of breath, weakness, rapid fatigability, peripheral edema, hepatomegaly. Concentration of atherogenic blood lipids involved in formation of atherosclerotic plaques is also significantly reduced. Level of total blood cholesterol and cholesterol of low-density lipoprotein is reduced by nearly 20-25%, while concentration of cholesterol of high-density lipoprotein is increased on the average by 20%.

Treatment course for coronary heart disease at Unique Cell Treatment Clinic, as a rule, takes 2 days.

For almost twenty years, the specialists of the Unique Cell Treatment Clinic have been developing and applying effective methods of treatment of liver diseases and their complications.

The liver is one of the most important human organs that performs a variety of functions. The main function of the liver is neutralization and excretion of toxic substances coming from the external environment (various allergens, toxins, alcohol, drugs) or formed in the body due to metabolism (acetone, ammonia, ethanol and others).  The liver is involved in the metabolism, digestion, regulation of carbohydrate metabolism, it is a storage of microelements, vitamins and glycogen, the liver also synthesizes blood proteins involved in blood clotting and transportation of various vitamins and hormones throughout the body.

Developed by Professor Smikodub and carried out in the Unique Cell Treatment Clinic  stem cell therapy for liver diseases is pathogenic, it effectively treats pathological changes in the body, emerging  due to negative impact of viruses, toxins, alcohol, etc. Cell therapy is applied in combination with the newest methods of etiotropic therapy affecting the reason of the disease. Fetal stem cells come into the zone of hepatocytes death, form new pools (groups) of cells capable to settle down and function for a long time, thereby replacing the affected liver cells by healthy ones. At that occurs regeneration of hepatic tissue, leading to the restoration of its functions. During the treatment by transplantation method, several millions of fetal stem cells which passed primary differentiation are administered into a human’s body; these cells turn into hepatocytes, restoring the liver function. Fetal stem cells also produce biologically active substances that stimulate the division of their own stem cells and thereby renew the cellular structure of the sick organ. Stem cells normalize and stimulate functioning of the immune system and all internal organs – the patient receives tremendous energy to cope with the disease. Due to biologically active substances, during the first hours and days after transplantation patients note improving of emotional state, reducing of depression, improving of memory and thinking, normalizing of sleeping. In result of stem cell therapy significant improvement of blood values characterizing the liver function (bilirubin, ALT, AST, GGT, ALP, total protein, platelets)  is seen, the risk of developing of cirrhosis complications such as portal hypertension or bleeding is reduced. Of course, the success of treatment of viral hepatitis and liver cirrhosis depends on the type of virus (in case of chronic hepatitis C – also its genotype), duration of the disease, amount of virus and transaminase levels (ALT and AST) in blood.

Indications for treatment of fetal stem cells in ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease:

1. Advanced disease, not amenable to conservative therapy for two weeks;
2. The presence of extra intestinal complications;
3. Inability to perform surgery due to severe condition of a patient as a result of anemia, hypoproteinemia, profound metabolic disturbances, presence of comorbidities;
4. Cachexia (wasting);
5. Correction of anemic syndrome in ulcerative colitis.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis with fetal stem cells has several directions:

1. Restoration of myelin (by the cells of mesodermal origin) – remyelination.

2. Restoration of damaged neurons and their processes (by the cells of ectodermal origin).

3. Correction of immunity, so-called micro immunotherapy.

Fetal stem cells are the only source of stem cells of natural origin neuroectoderm – neuronal precursors, so their use in the treatment of neurological disease is the most effective comparing to other types of stem cells.

The effectiveness of treatment depends on the initial condition of the patient and on the rate of the disease progression. Treatment started during the first attack or immediately after it, can stop the process at the stage of the inflammatory demyelination and not to cause the destruction of myelin, thus the neuron will not be damaged and the recovery will be more complete because the main task will be the correction of immunity. If the treatment is carried out when there are some developed focuses (they are usually seen on MRI), the treatment will be aimed at immunocorrection, restoration of the myelin sheath and damaged nerve, and it will take more time, so the improvement of clinical symptoms will be slower.

Unique Cell Treatment Clinic (UCTC) has developed schemes of comprehensive treatment of diabetes of any type based on fetal stem cells, which influence the pathogenesis of this disease, they are the following:

1) transform into β-cells of the pancreas, thus restoring synthesis and insulin release;

2) replace inadequate immune system cells, dramatically reducing and sometimes completely eliminating an autoimmune component of the disease, stopping the destruction of β-cells and preventing further progression of the disease and the development of secondary complications of the infectious nature;

3) replenish stem reserves for regeneration and repair of damaged tissues of the body by stimulating its own regenerative resources under the influence of growth factors produced by the cells;

4) stimulate the “renewal” of the damaged intima of blood vessels (angiogenesis), which plays a leading role in the development of additional vascular collaterals, improving tissue trophism.

The treatment of hearing loss in UCTC involves not only the deafness itself, but also treating of the cause that led to decrease in hearing or aggravates it.

The main task of the treatment, in case of the damage of sensitive cells of the inner ear (cochlear fibrofit) is their regeneration by the introduction of stem progenitor cells.

Excellent results in UCTC are achieved by applying a comprehensive treatment combining standard medicine treatment with the methods of treatment with preparations based on fetal stem cells that have undergone primary differentiation and are precursor cells for cochlear cells.

Our researches have shown that transplanted fetal stem cells have the ability to migrate from the place of injection to the damaged area. Due to the fact that fetal stem cells do not have a graft-versus-host reaction, during their multiplying the process of protein biosynthesis occurs, programmed by the patient’s genome (gene expression), typical for cochlear cells. The tissue-specific differentiation of fetal stem cells into cochlear fibrofit cells occurs.

Treatment in UCTC with fetal stem cells is minimally invasive. The patient tolerates the treatment easily and feels comfortable. In most cases, the duration of treatment for hearing loss in the UCTC is 3 days.

It is safe to say, that the treatment of hearing loss in the Unique Cell Treatment Clinic by the method of Professor Smikodub, achieves outstanding results that are unattainable by other known treatment methods.

80% of patients of different age groups notice improvements – hearing, diction, increased audibility of sounds at a greater distance, opening of many new opportunities for receiving and transmitting of information.

In many cases the treatment is as effective as patient become completely socialized in the surrounding society and stops to notice a decrease in hearing.


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The clinic is equipped with an internal reception and a separate entrance to ensure the anonymity of patients. It is guarded around the clock.

The coordinating doctor stays in touch with the patient 24/7 by phone and instant messengers. An interpreter accompanies the patient during their stay in the clinic. We keep in touch even after the patient returns home to receive feedback and continue treatment remotely.

Hospital wards are spacious and comfortable, they resemble rooms in a prestigious hotel. The clinic has a restaurant with a special diet menu. For the period of stay in the country, the patient and accompanying person are provided with a room in the central metropolitan hotel. All transfers to the clinic, to the hotel and to the airport are organized by the clinic at its own expense.

You do not need to search for information, compare prices, book tickets and accommodation, coordinate travel dates with a doctor, hire an interpreter … We take care of all the arrangements for your trip.