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    Nowadays, when the world is turning faster and faster, our environment is getting worse and appearance standards are at their highest mark, it is very important to stay in good shape. Just some fifteen years ago rejuvenation procedures were quite radical and had only external effect. Furthermore, those procedures were performed under general anesthesia, which has many contradictions and negative side-effects. However, not so long ago there has been a breakthrough in the sphere of rejuvenation – stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical, safe and effective method to rejuvenate the body at the cellular level. Stem cells have a unique possibility to replace worn-out cells in our body by becoming any other cell. To put it another way, stem cells – are the reserve force of our organism. With age, the number of stem cells decreases, and we observe aging. Rejuvenation with stem cells is a natural way to support the body from the inside. The procedure can be performed with the patient’s own stem cells (autologous) that are grown in the laboratory or with donated (allogenous). Besides that, stem cells can be adult, embryonic or induced pluripotent.

    The procedure can be divided into three stages: consultation with a doctor and examination of the patient, cellular material preparation and the procedure itself – implanting of stem cells. It is absolutely safe and painless. The duration of anti-age therapy and type of stem cells used for the procedures depends on many factors: the desired effect, health condition, age, presence of co-existing diseases and others.
    The duration of stem cell therapy depends on many factors: the desired effect and goal of therapy, health condition of the patient, age, the presence of co-existing diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus), types of cells used for the treatment and other. The treatment plan is individually designed for each patient to maximize the results.


    Improvements that can be expected after stem cell therapy:

    The patient feels revitalized and full of energy

    Hair and skin condition improvement

    Normalization of metabolic processes

    Immune system enhancement

    Restoration of functioning of the organs

    The patient feels and looks younger

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    • HELEN

      Age: 44

      Country: UK

      Rejuvenation Program

      Rejuvenation Program chosen by me takes just several days, and these are the days when you receive stem cells, placenta extract and undergo cosmetic procedures (facial masks with placenta extract). My dreams came true and my expectations were met practically on the first day after the completion of the Program when visible and invisible changed started. I will share my experience month by month, as cells divide. 1 st Month: Skin: better turgor, shiny and brighter look, narrower pores. Mood: much better, much less irritable. PMS : no more, hormones started to balance. Headache (migraine): completely disappeared right away, though it used to be severe and regular. Higher sensitivity and sensuality. Quicker metabolism, stable body weight. Faster hair growth. This is really something!  I was very happy with these changes, but it was only the beginning of all the good things, and I will be sharing my story step by step.

      Infinity Clinic

    The feedback of the patient with menopause after the stem cell treatment at EmCell clinic

    Patient: K.
    Age: 52
    Gender: Female
    Country: Poland
    Diagnosis: Menopause

    Patient K. has a history of menopause. Before the stem cell therapy she suffered easy tiredness, sweating, sudden flushes, and her workability was low.

    One month after the stem cell treatment, the patient K. wrote:

    I hope this message finds you well.
    Today is exactly a month since I received new cells. I noticed that my menopause has completely gone. I stopped sweating for no reason and I stopped being suddenly so hot. It is a good sign because now I can sleep at night and rest more. On Monday I will be back to work.

    Please pass my best regards to the doctors and take care,


    EmCell Clinic

    The testimonial of the patient M.N.

    Patient M.N.
    Age: 42
    Gender: Female
    Country: USA
    Diagnosis: Anti-aging treatment

    …I had really bad discoloration areas to my bilateral upper cheek areas on my face. This is almost completely gone. Every morning I see the skin sloughing off my cheeks and literally comes off using my fingertips. It’s amazing! I have been comparing pictures of myself taken three months ago and even two weeks ago, and the results are amazing! I look younger today, than even two weeks ago. This anti-aging is really working. I even got told I look younger now than in the pictures. I was so happy I wanted to do backflips!

    The trip to Kiev was a trip of a lifetime. The treatment that we received, ranging from care from the physicians to the drivers taking us to and fro, was just remarkable. The time and effort that is given to each family is well construed and the result is an amazing trip with the most wonderful people in the world. Joseph goes far and beyond to make sure we are all taken care of, and makes sure all our needs are met. All the men and women we met were just absolutely wonderful. To every one of them, I am so very grateful, for all they did for us. Many blessings to each and every one of them.

    I am so in love with the people in Kiev, because they are all just beautiful inside and out. That’s how I truly feel. That’s how wonderful this trip really was. To all that participated in our care and health…I am so appreciative.

    EmCell Clinic

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    Metformin is the most widely prescribed oral hypoglycemic medication for type 2 diabetes worldwide. Metformin also retards aging in model organisms and reduces the incidence of aging-related diseases such as neurodegenerative disease and cancer in humans. In spite of its widespread use, the mechanisms by which metformin exerts favorable effects on aging remain largely unknown. Further, not all individuals prescribed metformin derive the same benefit and some develop side effects. Before metformin finds its way to mainstay therapy for anti-aging, a more granular understanding of the effects of the drug in humans is needed. This review provides an overview of recent findings from metformin studies in aging and longevity and discusses the use of metformin to combat aging and aging-related diseases.

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