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    Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is a complicated problem that shouldn’t be neglected with hope that it will go away. It can signal that there are some other, sometimes even more serious health issues that must be treated. The list of causes can include diabetes, heart diseases, stress, smoking and excessive alcohol use, obesity, high cholesterol and other. Erectile dysfunction is a sign that something is wrong in your body and you should see a doctor. There is nothing you can be embarrassed about, ED is a common problem for many men around the world. According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, approximately 40% of men at age 40 are affected by ED and 70% of men aged 70. Treatment of erectile dysfunction with stem cells differs from other traditional methods because it is not based on medication but is aimed at restoration of erectile function with the forces of the organism. Stem cells are our body’s reserve forces that can be activated. The use of autologous stem cells (cells taken from the patients) is an effective way to restore the functioning of organs and treat health conditions that have led to ED. European Association of urology has released a report, that proves the ability of stem cell therapy to restore the erectile function of men who were considered impotent. Besides restoration of erectile function, stem cell therapy treats co-existing diseases and renews your body.


    Improvements that can be expected after stem cell therapy:

    Erectile function restoration, increased penile rigidity

    Reduced level of blood glucose and general improvement of blood values

    Stimulation of the immune system

    Energy boost

    Normalization of the nervous system, improved mental state

    Sleep normalization

    Libido boost, sexual performance improvement

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    Report on C.D. condition after the stem cell therapy

    Patient: C.D.
    Gender: M
    Age: 31
    Country: UAE

    Dear Valentina,

    Thank you for your email.

    Here is a 1-monthly status update:

    1) Infertility – sexual energy

    The first and most important issue was my low sperm count (1,5 million/ml), that was recorded on the 5th of september. Furthermore due to 3 extremely stressful years, I had felt a decline in my sexual energy and a lack of desire. And this was despite of a perfect relationship filled with love.

    Already within the first week of my treatment (30 sep – 1oct), I felt a change in sexual energy. Both my desire and endurance was improved. Now after a month it is even stronger and I have a desire and sexual appetite, that I have not felt in years. I also feel that my scrotum and penis has grown or at least increased in volume/power.

    Since then I have had 2 sperm test:…

    EmCell Clinic

    Stem cell therapy in diabetic men with erectile dysfunction: a step closer to safe and effective regenerative technology

    I would like to congratulate the authors on an interesting paper exploring the clinical outcomes of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSC) injections in diabetic men with erectile dysfunction (ED) (1). This prospective pilot, open-label single arm study showed an improvement in penile erection following 2 separate intracavernous injections of BM-MSC given 30 days apart, with sustained effect up to 12 months as evident by the IIEF-5 and EHS scores.

    Preclinical research into various animal models of ED has highlighted many pathophysiologic mechanisms contributing to ED such as cavernous nerve injury and diabetic models (2) and over the past decade, there has been considerable interest in stem cell (SC) therapy in the treatment of ED. The MSC is by far the most frequently used cell types in the field of urology and the most popular method of SC delivery in ED treatment is intracavernosal injection given its ease of administration and has proven success in both preclinical and clinical trials (35). The regenerative effects of SC are likely achieved by secretion of various growth factors into the blood stream and/or migration of these factors to major pelvic ganglia in addition to cell contact, paracrine signalling system and cellular differentiation (6,7)….

    Stem-cell therapy for erectile dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common sexual disorder that men report to healthcare providers, and is the male sexual dysfunction that has been most investigated. Current treatments for ED focus on relieving the symptoms of ED and therefore tend to provide a temporary solution rather than a cure or reversing the cause. Recently, therapies based on stem cells (SCs) have had an increasing attention for their potential to restore erectile function. Preclinical studies showed that these cells might reverse the pathophysiological changes leading to ED, rather than treating the symptoms of ED. This review is intended to provide an overview of contemporary reports on the use of SCs to treat ED.