What can go wrong with your immune system? When your immune system doesn’t work the way it should, it is called an immune system disorder. You may:
• Be born with a weak immune system. This is called primary immune deficiency.
• Get a disease that weakens your immune system. This is called acquired immune deficiency.
• Have an immune system that is too active. This may happen with an allergic reaction.
• Have an immune system that turns against you. This is called autoimmune disease.

Stem cells are actively and successfully used to treat diseases of the immune system.

COVID-19 & Stem Cells treatment in Ukraine

In Ukraine, exclusively relevant treatment is offered. It is associated with Covid-19. There are two options. The first is associated with treatment after covid-19. The second is related to preventive measures. A new spring will come and with it there will be new infectious diseases. New treatment protocols have been developed in Ukraine! Extremely useful and relevant service.

Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases. An extensive class of diseases that are heterogeneous in clinical manifestations and develop as a result of the pathological production of autoimmune antibodies or the propagation of auto aggressive clones of killer cells against healthy, normal tissues of the body, leading to damage and destruction of normal tissues and to the development of autoimmune inflammation.